Thank you for voting for your favorite Chevron Houston Marathon Run for a Reason Charity!

Charity Vote Contest

Chevron has partnered with the Houston Marathon Foundation to celebrate and recognize the success of Chevron Houston Marathon’s Run for a Reason Program.

From December 3 – January 7, you can vote for your favorite Run for a Reason charity. (Limit one (1) vote per person.) On Sunday, January 19, Chevron will donate $50,000 to the charity that receives the most votes.



  1. Houston Area Parkinson Society Superhero Squad joins forces to fight Parkinson’s disease – vote for HAPS!

  2. Beth Alberts says:

    I am so proud of the work we do at Texas Center for the Missing to keep children safe and find them quickly when they do go missing!

  3. Pleased to represent the Organization for Autism Research and to support an amazing team of Houston Marathoners and Half Marathoners who are fundraising to support applied autism research! Vote for OAR!

  4. Trish says:

    Goooooo!! Snowdrop and all the Run for a Reason Runners and Heroes!!

  5. Mallory says:

    Epilepsy Foundation Texas

  6. Amy Wright says:

    Dress for Success is a wonderful organization that I am proud to support and be a part of. It helps thousands of women in and around Houston get back on their feet and back into the workforce. They help to change the lives of so many!

  7. Angie Jeter says:

    Dress for success gives job seekers confidence not only in appearance and in interviewing. This helps empower them to excel in their interviews and become employed. Dress for Success assists not only assists individual women, but also the community.

  8. Deborah Williams says:

    This is definitely a great benefit! Kudos to all the runners.

  9. Michael says:

    Go Snowdrop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jessica Brown says:

    Great organization to support

  11. Carolyn says:

    I voted for snow drop foundation in memory of Brennan Scurlock who lost his battle to cancer. They do wonderful things for children who are fighting the fight of their lives. That awful word cancer!

  12. Stephanie Sawyer says:

    The Epilepsy Foundation of Texas sets people free from bondage of psychological and medical shame as well as gives them opportunities for successful careers with hope. I know this first hand. Working with the Epilepsy Foundation has set many people’s lives to success and has broken victimization and isolation. The outreach to families and patients is far reaching, highly educational, and reverberates throughout society to break stigma and increase awareness.

  13. Bruce Merrin says:

    The Snowdrop Foundation touches my heart. I believe in what they are doing to help pediatric care cancer patients. I support their worldwide efforts. Kevin Kline is my hero in Houston.

  14. Alfonso says:

    We can do it, Go HAPS!!!!!

  15. Support Avondale House, a great organization serving children and young adults with autism.

  16. Jennifer says:

    Vote for the National Kidney Foundation!!! Help us educate the public on early detection of Kidney disease and help save lives!!!

  17. Peggy Klecka says:

    They say that the children are our future. Snowdrop aims to give that future to children fighting cancer. Trish and Kevin not only raise funds for the foundation, they give of themselves. Nothing better!

  18. Katherine says:

    Great organization and wonderful team.

  19. trish says:

    Love Snowdrop Foundation!!!!

  20. Why I voted for Snowdrop Foundation provides scholarships for college bound pediatric cancer patients and childhood cancer survivors while raising awareness and funding for continued research to cure childhood cancer.

  21. Dan says:

    Support our local US Veterans! Help Team Red, White & Blue connect Veterans to their communities by voting for Team RWB.

  22. Lacie says:

    Vote snowdrop! Lets come together and fight, and WIN to an end with childhood cancer!!

  23. Christine says:

    Dress for Success is so instrumental in changing the lives of so many women not only with their gift of appropriate interview clothing, but with their many workshops and seminars. They are a true asset to any community and deserve this money to continue the wonderful work they do. By changing the lives of the women they help, they are also helping many jobs being filled that are often hard to fill.

  24. Teresa says:

    Vote for CAP and choose to be a part of the solution! All my pets are rescued! But the truth is my dogs are cheaper than anti-depressants! They rescued ME!

    • LESLIE says:

      Their is NO better feeling in the world than rescuing a homeless animal and giving it a FOREVER HOME. The love goes both ways and rescued animals enrich our lives more than we can imagine.
      CAP does so much to find homeless & unwanted pets good loving homes. They educate the public in so many ways about pet care, reducing cat overpopulation with their TNR Program (Trap, Neuter, & Return) for feral cats, reuniting lost pets with their families by micro-chipping all pets, classroom programs for children as the next generation of care-givers, and lots of great volunteer and foster home opportunities for those who love our animal companions.
      My husband and I have been CAP VOLUNTEERS & FOSTER HOME PARENTS for 3 1/2 years now & we can’t imagine our lives any differently.

  25. Dress For Success change my life. I’m so THankful.

  26. Georgina says:

    Team Red, White & Blue’s mission is to enrich the lives of America’s Veterans by connecting them to their Communities through physical and social activities. Learn more about what we do here:

  27. Rick says:

    I know all the Charities are all very important and need our support, but my vote goes to Down Syndrome. Theses children and adults need our help to become all they can be.
    Please vote for Down Syndrome.
    Thanks, and “HAPPY HOLIDAYS”

  28. Trisha says:

    CITIZENS FOR ANIMAL PROTECTION – CAP is the BEST animal shelter in Houston. Come by and see for yourself at the Dec. 14/15 11am-6pm Home for the Holidays Christmas Open House – Adoptions galore, refreshments, silent auction, Santa photos, jewelry sales, Scentsy room refreshers, Bake Sale, one-of-a=kind personalized pet stockings, Wish List Tree and Share the Love with West Houston Subaru. AND, PLEASE TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO VOTE.

  29. Mark Anchondo says:

    Please vote for the Down Syndrome Association of Houston. Wonderful organization that has helped not only my son but hundreds of others. They do so much and truly need our help.

  30. Lee Merrin says:

    Snowdrop Foundation continues to reach out for those children most in need of treatment for pediatric cancer. Nothing is hopeless for Snowdrop Foundation in its work to battle on behalf of the cancer afflicted children and ultimately the miracle of a cure. Contributing to Snowdrop Foundation is a privilege that empowers them to race for each and every child now hospitalized or facing the ordeal. When Snowdrop prevails the power of love and healing prevails against pediatric cancer. Snowdrop Foundation is a gift to humanity.

    • robert gossett says:

      I voted for the Sunshine Kids. An organization that touches the souls of children as they fight the fight of their young lives.

      • Steve Jones says:

        I would not be alive if it were not for The Sunshine Kids. I felt real sorry for myself, was full of self pity and a miserable person after being diagnosed with a brain tumor when I was 15. The effects of surgery and radiation therapy had me standing on my last leg. I got into The Sunshine Kids and learned The Sunshine Kid attitude. They are the happiest people I know despite the illnesses and challenges from cancer.

        • Beverly Nelms says:

          Thank you for not giving up. I’ve been baking goodies for The Sunshine Kids when they come to San Marcos for the Hill Country Adventure for about ten years.
          You are exceptional people and I can’t tell you how much I respect and love you all.

        • cindy l-h says:

          I hope you are doing better and have eradicated that terrible desease. My daughter at 15 was diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy. Although it is a slower progressing incurable kidney disease, I know she feels depressed knowing someday she will need a kidney transplant. Community support for those that suffer from these illnesses is very important. Hopefully you will be able to give back to the organization that helped you through a dark and scarry time of your life. I wish you health and happiness.

        • Shirley Rossi says:

          What a beautiful testimony! Sunshine Kids are very dear to my heart as they provided an outlet of normalcy and happiness for my grandson Austin as he battled Ewings Sarcoma. His Momma, my daughter Cindy, runs for a reason for The Sunshine Kids in The Houston Marathon every year and has done so since Austin passed away October 17, 2009. God bless you and continued good health!
          Thank you Sunshine Kids for giving my Austin the opportunity to go on a fabulous ski trip to Colorado. It meant the world to him. And thank you to my beautiful daughter Cindy for putting her heart and sole into the Houston Marathon each year for The Sunshine Kids!

  31. Luana Golden says:

    I votes for fresa for success because I relocted here under domestic violence and was as broke and broken as anyone could imagine. The interview suit was the tip of the iceberg, I receive assurance that I existed.The monthly meetings taught me how to purchase a home in an affluent communiity because I could belong there too, I became the first Houston chosen delegate due to a kick butt application preparation,which leas to the attention of Oprah’s hábitat for Katrina Project which i played part in the with awsome built sisterhood from Dress for Success. This agecy as far as it récord goes as exhibit how to put donations in the right places…..The president. Is a truly hands on life person with personal attention truly something missing in todays dealings.

  32. Janice E. Davenport says:

    Dress for Success is a wonderful charity – providing essentials to business women including clothing and accessories, as well a wonderful advice for interview and improving the resume. This project not only adorns the outside, it also builds confidence inside and makes job searching (and finding) more attainable. Thanks to all of the wonderful staff and volunteers that make this project possible! You rock!

  33. Kelly Casey says:

    There are a lot of great charities and organizations that help many people that need help My wife and I have personally been involved with the Sunshine Kids Foundation for over 20 years. This foundation brings a lot of hope, joy and compassion to the families dealing with teenage cancer patients. We love the people associated with this foundation and admire their hard work and dedication.

  34. Oretha Nyuma says:

    Dress for success is teaching me how to work in the Professionals world.

  35. Lydia Dennis says:

    Snowdrop Foundation is such a wonderful organization! They do so much for kids with cancer and pediatric cancer survivors. From finding a cure for childhood cancer to providing scholarships to college bound cancer patients and survivors, they are the ultimate hope for our children. I know first hand what they do for our pediatric cancer survivors because my son was a recipient of their scholarship. VOTE SNOWDROP FOUNDATION

  36. Jean Turco says:


  37. Melissa Katsounas says:

    Please consider voting for Child Advocates, Inc. It is a great organization that helps children who have been abused and neglected. Child Advocates helps those children that CPS and the courts have determined are in need of protective custody from their own parents. Child Advocates fights for these children to make sure their best interest is always the number one priority. They act as the child’s advocate in court and with the system. Children with an advocate will not fall through the cracks and will not be forgotten. I know this first hand as I am a Volunteer Child Advocate. Child Advocates, Inc. is a fantastic organization made up of people who truly care for the children they serve.

    • Brad Robbins says:

      A great organiztion! Child Advocates has staff and volunteers that are focused and results oriented. They help thousands of children every year. Vote for Child Advocates!

  38. Tom Clancy says:

    There are many terrific charities in the Houston area but I am voting for and hope you will to, Easter Seals of Greater Houston. They are a great organization that does so much for the young and older disabled community. I have volunteered at Easter Seals for over a year and it has really influenced my life.

  39. Holly Ross says:

    In memory of our most loved Scott Ross!

  40. Lauren V says:

    I’m so proud every year when our team, “De Twincess Krewe,” gathers every year to walk for a cause that hits close to home! My two year old, twin nieces were diagnosed at birth with cystic fibrosis. As my beautiful nieces smile with innocence & playfulness and love already with such beauty, it would mean an indescribable happiness to my sister, brother in law, my nieces (who don’t understand yet what their lungs are up against) & our family to one day have a CURE for such a silent disease!! I want, wait, I will see the day when CF stands for a CURE FOUND!! The day when my nieces are disease free and my sister has a worry free smile!! Cystic Fibrosis Foundation will forever be my favorite even after a cure is found because it saved my nieces lives & my sisters heart!! VOTE CYSTIC FIBROSIS, a silent disease that lives within.

  41. Rita says:

    Please vote for the Sunshine Kids Foundation! Help brighten the lives of children with cancer!!

  42. Nannette Palmones says:

    Love the Down Syndrome Association of Houston! It helps my baby a lot.

  43. Rick Hurt says:

    Reach Unlimited is my vote… Reach provides opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to LIVE LEARN and EARN. This will be my 5th Houston Chevron Marathon for Reach Unlimited. Besides training and running again, I am the art instructor at Reach Unlimited Learning Activity Center. I will be running for my clients, “Got My Back”.

  44. Beverly Phillips says:

    Easter Seals Greater Houston changes lives – not only with services for children and adults with disabilities but for their families through respite and needed resources.

  45. Russell says:

    Sunshine Kids Helping kids be kids for over 20 years!

  46. motheryoga says:

    This list represents a lot of love in our community! I am voting for the Down syndrome Association of Houston, DSAH. They help individuals with Ds (infant to adult) and their families.

  47. Wanda Williams says:

    Child Advocates, Inc is a great organization. I have volunteered with them for about 15 years. The work we do greatly impacts the lives of abused children. I can’t think of a better cause that helps improve the lives of these children. That’s why I decided to work with CAI so many years ago. My life has also been enriched because of the work I do with CAI.

  48. liliana quevedo says:

    Voto por la organizacion por la epilepsy por la razon que quiero participar mi hijo de 2 anos y m3dio fue diagnosticado con epilepsia esperamos de corazon algun dia nos denbla noticia que se encontro la cura❗❗❗

  49. Jim L says:

    I voted for Dress for Success because I think it’s an important need–to help women get back into the workforce. However, I wish the Fisher House would have been on the list since I think that’s about the most important need we have as a country.

  50. Alex says:

    Go Epilepsy Foundation of Texas!!!!!!

  51. Libby says:

    Help us insure Houston has green trails for runners and citizens to enjoy!

  52. stlcrdzlvr says:

    Our kids need to be protected, and that is the sole mission of The Texas Center for the Missing.

  53. Velma Ellis says:

    I ran with Vanessa’s Big Heart Foundation for two years and was extremely happy to be part of such a wonderful organization. Ron and Janie Dale are amazing people and are doing an excellent job raising thousands of dollars for research into the causes and cures for pediatric heart disease. Go Team VBHF!!!

  54. Vienna says:

    So many wonderful causes to choose from. I have to say LLS – Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has my vote. My son is a survivor of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and this organization was there for my family and son. Thanks for all you do LLS.

  55. Keri Godwin says:

    This is great!!!!!

  56. Maryanne says:

    Voting for Sunshine Kids. My daughter went on 2 trips & had just become a senior SSK when she relapsed & passed … Meeting kids who were going through what she was did amazing things for her state of mind. Getting a break from hospitals & doctors was great. An amazing group of folks who make sick kids feel good & have fun.

  57. K says:

    I voted for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I am a proud 6 year survivor because of the research dollars they have raised. I’ve seen too many children lose their battle with leukemia to not cast my vote for this organization.

  58. Jay Silver says:

    The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society needs everyone’s support. Please make your vote count towards saving lives.

  59. Steve Myers says:

    A vote for Snowdrop Foundation is a vote to cure Pediatric Cancer forever. Kevin and Trish Kline have dedicated their lives to eradicating these terrible diseases.

  60. Tina says:

    Vote for Easter Seals of Greater Houston! Did you know they offer a fabulous camp for children with cerebral palsy? It is amazing to watch my full-care child go off to camp without being able to talk! Every year, he comes back home feeling a lot more independent and confident! You can see it in his eyes. Easter Seals also offers help with communication devices (ipads and tablets) and offers assistance in learning how to choose apps and equipment. There is a lab there for you to try out things before buying. What a blessing!

  61. Liz Braisher says:

    As a former Sunshine Kid, this is an amazing foundation that offers the opportunity of a lifetime to children with cancer who may only be here for a short time, and helps kids fight the toughest battle in life. They are amazing for all they do for children in this world!!!!! Good luck to the Sunshine family

  62. Barbara says:

    These are all wonderful Organizations and Foundations…Good Luck to all…I Voted for The Sunshine Kids for a special friend !!!

  63. Elliott and Sarah Harrell says:

    Please vote for the LLS Society , this is a great organization they have helped my wife in many ways and the people in this organization are very kind and considerate.

  64. Ben C. says:

    I voted for Child Advocates because Jenie Mathew told me to. She’s really bossy sometimes…. :)

  65. Karen Wilhelm says:

    Being a survivor of Lymphoma through Stemcell Transplant and the work that Lymphoma Leukemia Society does to save lives and help continue the research to find a cure for dreaded blood diseases that leaves no one exempt ,

  66. Susan says:

    The Women’s Home. Helping women in need with their WholeLife program, housing, and education.

  67. Yvonne says:

    It’s great to see support for so many wonderful organizations that help our community. I’m personnally proud to vote for Sheltering Arms Senior Services that provide adult day care for alzheimer patients, and meals, activities and assistance for our elderly citizens.

  68. Rachel says:

    Team CanCare is dedicated to supporting the mission of CanCare, Inc, to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families. Help us continue to provide one-on-one emotional support from trained survivor volunteers and caregivers to those battling cancer! Vote for CanCare!!! Since 1996, CanCare has participated in the Houston Marathon and Half Marathon. We are so grateful for all of our participants who help raise funds to support this organization and the cancer community. Thank you.

  69. Olga Moya says:

    Thank you Chevron for this great opportunity to support great organizations. I am voting for the Houston & Southwest Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. It is working to create a world without alzheimer’s. This disease effects many mothers like mine.

  70. for the Life Flight Mission of MEmorial Hermann

  71. for MH Life Flight Mission for Children

  72. Tanya says:

    Sheltering Arms Senior Services … helping seniors help themselves for over 100 years. We appreciate your votes!

  73. Rachel Gutierrez says:

    Memorial Hermann Life Flight helps save “precious” lives.

  74. Alma Chambers says:

    There are so many great charities in Houston! I votred for Memorial Hermann Foundation. The Life Flight Program has saved so very many lives, and will continue to do so. My son was one of those. Many people ae so badly injured that they could not survive a surface ride in an ambulance! Please vote for this gret program.

  75. Rose says:

    Sheltering Arms Senior Services has my vote for the services that they provide for our seniors. The meals, activities and help mean so much to our elderly.

  76. cindy l-h says:

    I voted for the National Kidney Foundation with the hopes that some day there will be a cure for the presently uncurable disease called IGA Nephropathy. It is a fast growing disease that is effecting thousands of kids every year. My daughter is one of them. This desease can be prevented with more awareness of the disease and some research. My hopes is that there will be a cure some day. Unfortunately it is not well funded for research as other diseases are. Please help!!

  77. Judith says:

    I voted NKF as we need to be more aware of kidney disease. Many are still out there who are not being tested and do not know they have the disease. We also need to be educated on how to preventive care.

  78. Lynn says:

    Snowdrop Foundation – Childhood Cancer Scholarships awarded (186) 2007-2013 $494,000/ Cancer Research Dollars Awarded 2006-2012 $726,000/ Teen Development/ Childhood Cancer Awareness my vote was easy!!

  79. Dress for Success of Houston is a wonderful organization which uplifts women who have fallen on hard times. this organization is not just about suiting the women to be ready for interviews. It is bigger than that. It empowers women with self confidence to go out into the world and make an impact, build their self esteem and just giving women another chance at life. I am proud to be associated with this great organization!

  80. Kristy says:

    If the Memorial Hermann Foundation wins, the funds will benefit Life Flight. Of course, Life Flight is a valuable resource for our entire community.

  81. Margaret Vasquez says:

    Memorial Hermann has served the community for more than 100 years. Lifeflight is just one very important way that our Texas community is helped during a critical time for individuals and families. Often Memorial Hermann is the difference between life and death.

  82. Melita says:

    There is something magical when you bring together women from all walks of the earth to help out one another. The organization brings special women to help women in our Houston Community to learn the skills they need to keep their jobs and to empower them to better themselves there by bettering their situations. It is a program many women including myself have greatly benefited from. I appreciate all the people that have helped us become successful.

  83. Fred Gutierrez says:

    My vote was obvious – Child Advocates, Inc. My heart shatters just a bit more every time I hear of another child abuse victim being mistreated or viciously attacked. It is our Responsibility as Adults to Protect our Innocent Children and to Provide them with a Safe Environment to live in. We all need to be the Voice for these helpless children. We must do all in our power every single day to stop this horrendous abuse! Come on folks – let’s start giving these children Hope! God Bless You……

  84. Pam Pfost says:

    Sheltering Arms is a Blessing for many people. God Bless them!

  85. Lisa Baxter says:

    The NKF gives out alot of information to help educate you about your disease.I am proud to be a peer mentor and volunteer my services even though I am on dialysis.It was nice to be apart of the video living well. The staff is also very nice. The annual walks to raise money get friends and family involved and that is great.

  86. Lisa Baxter says:

    I have a website that helps people especially dialysis patients, I have a dialysis reality show and I wrote three books: Through the eyes of a Dialysis Patient Melsy takes Dialysis to show & tell The disabilities Club. I facilitate awareness and educational workshops.Take care of your kidneys and they will take care of you.

  87. Nancy Ann Krajewski says:

    Please vote for The National Kidney Foundation in support of my son, Thomas Hedrick who awaits a kidney to become available!

  88. Yvette says:

    As a recipient of a kidney from my sister, 18 years ago, not a day goes by that I do not feel truly blessed by her so generous gift and also the support of all the physicians, support staff, family & friends. However keeping up to date with the research, available treatments, practical tips & recipes has been a tremendous help through the National Kidney Foundation website & emails we receive from time to time even as far away as South Africa! Thank you

  89. Heidi Rubinstein says:

    I voted for the National Kidney Foundation. My dear father died in July from kidney failure. We knew he had diabetes and chronic kidney disease but never realized how serious it was. At 89, he had a variety of chronic diseases, including heart disease, osteoarthritis and multiple myeloma, but we never realized the kidney disease was what would kill him. It’s so important for the NKF to get the word out; I think there are many people who don’t realize how serious a problem kidney disease is.

  90. Randa Bush says:

    Bo’s Place has been a lifeline to my two young children who lost their father last year. They are learning they are not the only ones trying to live without their beloved father. And they are learning they can smile again and go on. And the other spouses have shown me I can get through this. It is ok to talk to them about things that my friends don’t feel comfortable listening to. Bo’s Place has been a wonderful support to our family and very deserving of this prize.

  91. Nita Buckholz says:

    Vote for Bo’s Place. They have been a God send for my Granddaughter in coping with the loss of her father. Bo’s Place is a bereavement center offering grief support services to children and their families. “Run Bo Run”

  92. Lori White says:

    I’m fighting every day…SLE Lupus has no cure and there are so many of us out there who need assistance….The Lupus Foundation of America Texas Gulf Coast Chapter is a Godsend!

  93. Ron Buckholz says:

    No matter who wins thank you Chevron! But Bob’s Place is the best!

  94. Rachel says:

    I voted for Collaborative for Children who has improved early education in Houston for 26 years! Their vision is a strong, thriving Houston where all children enter school prepared to succeed as students today and contribute to the economy when they grow up. Their work benefits all of us and the future of our city.

  95. Ellen Swift says:

    Dress for Success touches the lives of so many Houston area women, giving them not only an initial suit, shoes, acccessories, – all instilled with a big shot of confidence! — but also the ongoing training and support to improve their quality of life and make successful career choices. A wonderful staff and group of professional volunteers are very deserving of the funds and your vote!

  96. Carolyn Boardman says:

    JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) have been so incredibly amazing for our family. My son has type 1 diabetes and it is a relentless incurable auto immune disease which we have to be on top of 24/7. JDRF are committed to finding a cure. Thank you to those who vote for them. Type 1 families appreciate your support.

  97. Robin Barker says:

    I voted for National Kidney Foundation because kidney failure has impacted the lives of my loved ones, especially my mother who would not have been alive for the past 15 years without dialysis. Everyday is a gift.

  98. Teresa says:

    Voting for Parent Project, fighting the most lethal childhood genetic disease. The boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, at this point, have no hope for a long life … that’s it. All of their muscles, including heart, diaphragm etc., and basically in a state of atrophy … In memory of my 14 year old nephew …

    • Aryana says:

      I voted for Parent Project MD as well. Every single one of these organizations is so worthy of winning. In my humble opinion, no one should have to outlive their child. God bless Pat Furlong and all these beautiful children. Praying for a cure….MUCH LOVE TO ALL!!!

  99. Andy Siems says:

    Parent Project Duchenne Muscle Dystropy needs all your help, because DMD is a rare disease there is no big lobby and few funds are given to research because there is no profit in it for the big companies, even more reason to promote private enterprise to support research to find a remedy to overcome this gen defect.

  100. Deb Robins says:

    I have no doubt the marathon is full of very worthy causes all with the perspectives and lived experiences that provide; participants the passion to train hard to complete such an arduous run and supporters their own contribution. But my vote goes to Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy because little boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (and rare girls) should get to grow up – especially when they would never ask for this for themselves – because that would hurt too many people they love. Who will fight for them if not PPMD? God Bless PPMD.

  101. Cindy says:

    I voted for Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy because they will use the money to find a cure for my two sons who are struggling with this terrible terminal disease. Please help them.

  102. Itunu Adebola says:

    I work for Memorial Hermann and voted for Memorial Hermann Foundation, benefitting LifeFlight. All the other charities are great I know but LF saves lives in accidents, when the difference between life and death is a few minutes. Unfortunately the service is underfunded right now.

  103. JR Panhota says:

    We need it!! Run for our suns!!!!

  104. Zoe McCoy says:

    There are so many great organizations on this list, but my vote goes to Bo’s Place! Bo’s Place is a bereavement center that provides FREE grief support for children and families that have experienced the death of a loved one. I have volunteered as a grief support facilitator in the children’s groups for 4 years. It is amazing to see how these families grow and support one another in a safe place where they can share their grief and know they are not alone. I’m so glad that Bo’s Place is here for Houston families. You can learn more about them:

  105. Maureen Brennan says:

    Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy got my vote. This deadly disease needs to be cured.

  106. Lori Dillon says:

    These are all wonderful Organizations and Foundations.

  107. CanCare is a wonderful organization that improves the lives of cancer patients and their families by matching them with survivors of the same type of cancer who are trained to listen and provide spiritual and emotional support. Care givers (co-survivors) are also matched with trained caregivers. CanCare volunteers visit in may area hospitals, clinics and corporations. Every dollar we raise stays in Houston and helps provide free support for those suffering with cancer. I wish CanCare existed when I was diagnosed with lung cancer 31 years ago. Go Team CanCare!

  108. Veronica Carreon says:

    Team Red, White, & Blue ( RWB) Is transforming the way that American support it’s veterans as they transition from service member to civilian.

  109. Ben Chapman says:

    “After leaving the Military I had no interest in joining a Veteran Club or Group, buy recently, I joined Team Red, White & Blue. I have some selfish reasons, I need to lose weight and they are very active. Not just exercising but also on community volunteering for the benefit of other veterans. There is no formal structure and I couldn’t really tell you who was an officer vs an enlisted member…and for the most part, even what service they were from.

    Not all members are veterans, though all of us share a common bond and work together to accomplish successful events as a Team. I invite my Veteran friends to join us…most local vets that I know would enjoy this group if they would just come out to one event. Look Team RWB up and sign up at

  110. Sandra Harris says:

    All are great organizations and they all need this our support.

  111. Mary Miller says:


  112. Will Murphy says:

    Love what the Snowdrop Does Just heard them on 93Q with a huge donation to Texas Children’s Cancer Center!

  113. Bree Davidson says:

    I voted for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I happen to work for LLS, and just got to meet the amazing Houston team last week. As a staffer and a Team In Training Alumni, I know that this organization is doing GREAT work, and that new discoveries are being funded right now.

  114. Khanh says:

    Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy got my vote. This deadly disease needs to be cured.

  115. Ryan Tripp says:

    I voted for HAPS. Go Team Go!!

  116. Dress for Success is a wonderful organization committed to promoting the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support, and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. They are a workforce development agency not only providing clothing to women, but literally helping them get back into the workforce with confidence and dignity. This helps their entire family, and it is an organization quite worthy of your vote!

  117. Susan says:

    Just voted for Snowdrop Foundation. It was the best legacy gift a girl suffering from cancer could have received. Because of Kevin & Trish, and the Snowdrop Foundation, her memory lives on through research, programs and scholarships for cancer survivors.

  118. Jesse says:

    Love Team RWB!

  119. Janice Meeks says:

    wished I could vote for each of this fantastic organizations, but since I’m unable to, I’ll send kudos to HCL for supporting Literacy in our communities

  120. Dee says:

    For you my sweet Joshua in loving memory!! 10-10-97 – 9-12-13/ JDRF

  121. Carolyn A. says:

    My daughter is running for Living Waters International, a great charity that shares with the world. A wonderful man in our church spent a week in El Salvador installing a new water well with a village. He was blessed beyond belief.

  122. nancy mullins wood says:

    There are many great organizations listed here, but today my vote is for Back On My Feet. A very worthy organization , doing excellent work in providing a path for the homeless, so that tbey can help themselves, “get back on their feet”!

  123. Rose Ann Guillory says:

    For Parent Projecct Muscular Dystrophy. Family runners Raymond and Nellie who will run for their son James Guillory (my grandson).

  124. For Parents Project Marathon Muscular Dystrophy. Runners for my grandson James. Go Raymond and Nellie!!

  125. Go for James. Runners for Project Parents Muscular Dystrophy.

  126. Abbey Lillian says:

    I have first hand experience of being on a Living Water team to El Salvador this past summer….imagine bathing in a community creek and drinking from that same water souce…the blessing of giving a basic need of pure clean water from a well that you help dig is what unconditional love and grace towards others is all about. When you vote for Living Water you give hope not just in our own community but to thousands and thousands all over the world! I pray that you will help take a stand for this great blessing of water.

  127. Barbara Butler says:

    This was a difficult decision because all of the selections are so worthwhile; however, in the end I had to choose CanCare because of how this organization has helped me in my struggle against cancer. The people there are so helpful, and my sponsor has encouraged me not to lose hope and has introduced me to some amazing individuals who are very pro-active and knowledgeable about the type of cancer we share.

  128. Isabel Miller says:

    I vote for The Parish School,What an incredible school for kids with learning difficulties.We are bless to have such a place in our city.My only wish is for every child with who need to be able to go there.

  129. Kathy says:

    Living Water provides each of us the opportunity to travel around the world helping them to drill water wells for those who don’t have access to fresh, clean water. Water = life!

  130. Amy Denton says:

    Elves and More! All the charities are worth it but Elves and More is one of the ones that helps out kids with something most are not able to have, a bike. It may not sound like much, especially when compared to being healthy or having a place to live in but a bike is a blessing to a child.

  131. Peter Bare says:

    voted for Living Water International- water for life in Jesus’ name

  132. Tina Blome says:

    I vote for HAPS Houston Area Parkinson’s Society for the programs and support they provide to people and families dealing with this disease.

  133. Blair says:

    1 in 10 people will have a seizure during their life.. that is a crazy statistic. The Epilepsy Foundation supports the people who suffer from this disorder and their families – including mine – please vote for them!!

  134. Amanda Payne says:

    I voted for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. If you are not familiar with our organization, our mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and to improve the quality of life of patients and their families. We are making a real difference in the lives of those with blood cancers. We invest approximately $70 million a year in research to find cures for cancer, and about $20 million of that supports the work of 16 researchers in the Texas Medical Center. Please consider voting for us! If you want to run or walk a marathon with us and support out mission, visit to learn more about our Team In Training campaign.

  135. April Penick says:

    I have Epilepsey, and so I know what it can do to a person.

  136. Mabel says:

    I voted for Parent Project Muscular Distrophy because my cousin Alex and others childs need a Cure !

  137. Jennifer says:

    The Parish School serves children who have language and learning differences and has done so for 30 years! This gift would allow our professionals to provide state of the art language and learning therapeutic intervention that directly impacts a child’s ability to succeed in social, academic and communication skills. Thank you for considering a vote for The Parish School!

  138. Scott says:

    Thanks and congratulations to ALL of these great organizations and the amazing people who support them! BACK ON MY FEET uses running to help transform lives. Running changed (saved, actually) my life. It can change/save yours as well! Go BACK ON MY FEET!

  139. Lauren says:

    CanCare gets my vote every time! The good people that work and volunteer for this local non-profit organization are sincerely the “Faces of Hope” in our community! Cancer Survivors themselves, they give willingly, share openly, and listen with open hearts. xoxoxoxoxox Love you guys! Lauren

  140. Francoise Bisby says:

    I voted for CF.

  141. Jana says:

    The Cystic Fibrosis is an excellent foundation that has been recognized for it’s ability to keep administrative costs to a minimum allowing more funding to go toward research. Without the research done by this charity children like my 14 year old grandson, Christian, of The Woodlands, TX may not be alive today. Since 1955 when this foundation started the life expectancy has gone from elementary school age to age 32 and many are living into their 50′s and 60′s.

  142. Dolores maldonado Ruiz says:

    CAP citizen for animals protection. I VOTE FOR THEM, you know it was a very hard decision, but is also very important, because Animals have feelings and suffer a lot, they can’t talk or tell you how abandon them, but they love you no matter what. CAP is the best Shelter and they love animals and take care of them. I know that for alot a people animals are not important, but for me OMG! They are my best friends and I love them they also count, please help CAP

  143. Reyna Maldonado says:

    I VOTE FOR CAP Citizen for Animals Protection, super hard decision, I wish I can win the lottery and help every single one,

  144. Emily Maldonado says:

    I love CAP! They take really good care of their animals and love thematic lot! I got my dog there.

  145. Evelyn Cabrera says:

    Parent Project!!! Go ahead!!!!! Fight against Duchenne! Love u kids!

  146. Sandra says:

    These are wonderful organizations – and there are many more in our generous and giving Houston area. I voted for Citizens for Animal Protection as they rescue, foster and provide loving homes for so many pets that were either abandoned or had to be given up by their family. They make good use of every donation and will always continue to do so.

  147. Candice Rivera says:

    GOOD LUCK Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP). This group is amazing and they do great work everyday!
    From your friend at Texas Litter Control!

  148. Lina Faye Gibbs says:

    Dress for Success makes a huge difference to people moving back into the work force. It is major in helping build confidence and self-esteem.

  149. Judy Dobbs says:

    CAP is an excellent place to find your forever friend.

  150. nikki says:

    This was a tough decision …but I narrowed it down to the two that hit close to home …cystic fibrosis, a silent but life threatening illness that many, including my boyfriend, suffer from…and citizens for animal protection…..because they do not have a voice and often go ignored…my vote went to cystic fibrosis….I hope that one day a cure is found…I love you wency!

  151. Dress for Success you are The Best !

  152. Elizabeth says:

    I love CAP! I got my Bassett Hound there about 10 years ago and he has been an incredible dog! My life would not be as good as it is because of my rescue dogs!!! They do good work there for these furry angels, please support if you can!

  153. Sharon Stephenson says:

    I have voted for the ALS Association because my husband was diagnosed with ALS on March 1, 2007. The ALS Association has been amazing when we have needed it most. So much is unknown about ALS and there is no cure.

  154. CAP is a first class organization, with a great new shelter, and loving staff to care for the animals. Pay them a visit on I-10. Houston can be proud to be the home of such a great facility for animals in need.

  155. Nicole Hart says:

    So many great organizations!
    I’m super impressed with Snowdrop Foundation and all that they do!

  156. The Sunshine Kids Foundation brings hope and love to thousands of children battling cancer. GW Bailey and his dedicated staff devote their lives to bringing some sunshine into the dark cancers of their lives. VOTE FOR SUNSHINE KIDS!

  157. Joe Vella says:

    GO DFS Houston !!!

  158. Heather says:

    SEARCH Homeless Services: transforming the lives of those that are homeless in Houston.

  159. Thank you to everyone who has voted for Covenant House Texas (CHT)!

  160. Joan Smyth says:

    Covenant House Texas does really amazing work with young people in Houston. They come from all over and their needs vary tremendously but Ronda Robinson and her caring team welcome the kids in and help them grow towards their potential.

  161. kathy bridges says:

    I have lupus and i will continue to support the cause for care

  162. L. Horstmann says:

    National Kidney Fundation gets my vote, to honor the 5 year anniversary (12/8/2008) of my altruistic kidney donation. NKF and transplantation saves lives, on-at-a time.

  163. Michelle says:

    Life is a gift, Give it!

  164. Eric says:

    I voted for BEST BUDDIES! Best Buddies is a great organization that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and
    leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). They are in over 57 high schools and colleges in Texas and winning this money would give them the opportunity to expand that reach!

  165. Arden Stone says:

    My vote will always be with Best Buddies! With 57 chapters around the state, Best Buddies Texas directly involves more than 3,700 Texans with and without IDD in our inclusion programs statewide. All of our chapters are amazing and my job is truly rewarding knowing we make a difference every day!

  166. Tanya says:

    I voted for national kidney foundation. I know all the many foundations listed are all in need of funds the great thing is that we are all here to help others and good luck to everyone and hope that we are able to continue to help those in need. Take care of your kidneys. :)

  167. Jennifer Schneider says:

    Where’s the Love for St. Jude!?!?!?!? Cutting edge medical care for children and St. Jude takes care of their patients and the families.

  168. Bob Gaffney says:

    Vote for the day when Type 1 diabetes becomes Type None diabetes.

  169. Carol Varga says:

    All are wonderful causes and charities, but my vote and heart go to Snowdrop..working so hard to give the pediatric cancer kids hope and a chance !

  170. June Lohman says:

    Your support for Child Advocates, Inc. makes a significant difference in the lives of neglected and abused children in our communities. Become a court appointed advocate. Visit our website to learn more!!

  171. Sandi Berman says:

    I lost my funny, loving sister to Lupus at the young age of 57, after years of suffering. It is a common disease that no one knows. Let’s end it!!!! It strikes mostly women, mostly non-white but my sister was one of the exceptions. It can be lived with for years but again, she was the exception and barely made it past two. Please help support this excellent foundation that gives so much for research.

  172. I am a huge supporter of all the wonderful things the CanCare Organization does for our community. What a great team to call on when you or someone that you know is going through a battle with cancer. From early diagnosis, through treatments, they are there to offer you the support like no one else can.

  173. N.Grace says:

    Snowdrop thanks for all you do for the kids!

  174. Sandra says:

    CAP is a first class organization, with a great new shelter, and loving staff to care for the animals. Pay them a visit on I-10. Houston can be proud to be the home of such a great facility for animals in need.

  175. Mabel says:

    Por mi sobrino y otros tantos niños que necesitan una cura he votado a favor de Distrofia Muscular de Duchenne….

  176. Edmee Baird says:

    Everyday I pray for my 15 year old Grandson, Harrison, who sufferes with DMD -Duchenne Muscuplar Dystrophy. I hope and pray for a Miracle that Research finds a cure for him and all the young boys who suffer with DMD. He has been in a wheelchair since 6 yrs old yet always has a Happy Smile for everyone. His dog is named Patch and goes everywhere with him, except school, riding along in Harrison’s lap – Patch even goes to church on Sundays and is as good as gold throughut the entire hour. Pray for a Cure for DMD. Thanks!!!

  177. Andy Siems says:

    The boys afflicted with Duchenne need all our support. Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy is doing a great job.

  178. JR Panhota says:

    Go, go, go!!!!!!

  179. Vikki Stefans says:

    Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy is devoted to changing the course of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Things may be better for these young men than they used to be, but we are still losing some of them as young adults and even as teens, and to lose your muscle strength and become more dependent right when you are supposed to be attaining independence makes this a cruel disease in need of a cure.

  180. Barbara Machado says:

    All of these organizations are awesome!!! Anything that tries to help to make this a better and healthier world for us is Awesome!!!

  181. Michael J Greathead says:

    Ronald McDonald does a wonderful job for the families of young patients suffering from cancer. Keep up the great work!!!

  182. Chi Chi says:

    The Ronald McDonald House is my favorite charity, although, every charity/organization on the list is great but any charity and organization that helps children is GOLDEN to me.

  183. Agatha Brann says:

    Ronald McDonald house treats not only the patient but the family as well. Although the house if affiliated with Ronald House Charities, they receive little support from the charities. The support comes from Houston and stays in Houston for our children.

  184. Becky says:

    All wonderful organziations!
    I am voting for Ronald McDonald House!
    I cannot imagine a more depressing place on earth than NICU … we spent 15 days there at TCH when our 3.5 week old came down with a fever this October. It was an incredibly scary situation and being able to catch a break and some sleep at the RM house was invaluable. The NICU was an incredibly depressing place … very sick babies, beeping monitors, absent parents, uncertainty, seeing your baby constantly get poked. Not sure how I could have handled life w/o the RM house – what an invaluable asset!

  185. Diane RIley says:

    Vote for Ronald McDonald House, Houston, it is truly a Home Away from
    Home. The Home benefits the children and famiies who call our House their
    Home while receiving treatment in Texas Medical Center hospitals.
    It is a loving comfortable home for these children during a critical period in
    their lives. Please help.

  186. saad says:

    vote stamp for research of ducchine muscular dystrphy.No available medicine for this fatal Disease.

  187. Della Stewart says:

    all are great -

  188. L Teston says:

    I support the Ronald McDonald House because so many families need a place to stay at a reasonable cost while their children are being treated. The whole family is impacted by the child’s disease and if they can find comfort together in a warm, inviting and wonderful house, I believe it has to help each family member.

  189. Nicole Fry says:

    My 15 year old son has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I am voting for PPMD as this organization’s purpose is to find a cure for this killer.

  190. Joel says:

    The boys afflicted with Duchenne need all our support we can muster! Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is the most common FATAL genetic disorder in the world.

  191. Donna says:

    My son is 16 years old and has Duchennes Musculary Dystrophy. My vote is For parent project Muscular dystrophy. Their goal is to find an treatment or cure for Duchennes MD. When your son is diagnosed with DMD he is around the age of 5. you are told by the doctor the diagnosis and then told, sorry there is no treatment or cure for DMD. You son will slowly loose the ability to do anything for himself, by the age of 10 he will no longer be able to walk. If you are lucky he will live to graduate HS. He will become 100% dependent on a caregiver. You are completely helpless. PLEASE vote for PPMD. Please help us to give our boys hope and a fighting chance. Most other diseases have treatments or medications. We have nothing.

    • chuck says:

      I observed Donna’s son literally daily for 7 plus years. I was there at every negative milestone as he slowly deteriorated from his last independent step to 24/7 care. THERE IS NO CURE … PLEASE HELP PPMD AS THEY CONTINUE TO RAISE FUND S TO KEEP RESEARCH MOVING AHEAD. Vote for PPMD AS I DID.

  192. michael mcmahon says:

    Run for ours Sons – together find a cure for the kids that are unable to run, walk, dress, feed & wash themselves anymore.
    Support research to end Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy for kids all over the globe.

  193. Robin Argo says:

    Too many children (and Adults) go hungry everyday. The Houston Food Bank does a great job, trying to reduce that number. These are all great causes.

  194. Beverly Taylor says:

    I voted for Memorial Park Conservancy and would like to the the National Junior Tennis & Learning on your list.

  195. LAURA says:

    In 2009, my sister was diagnosed with Lupus. She died 4 1/2 months later. Lupus can be an insidious and vicious disease, she most likely had it for years and no one recognized the symptoms. By the time the symptoms had manifested to the point of paralyzing her, it was too late. We just didn’t know it. To add insult to injury, in January of 2010, the first new Lupus medication in 52 years was released. Please consider voting for the Lupus Foundation Gulf Coast Chapter, Lupus needs research, awareness, and new treatments.

  196. Ted Dorenkamp says:

    I voted for life flight at Memorial

  197. Rachel Gutierrez says:

    Memorial Hermann Life Flight saves lives!

  198. Dyetra says:

    The Lupus Foundation, Gulf Coast Chapter keeps me moving. I’ve been suffering with this ugly disease for years. If not for this Chapter,
    I don’t think I’ll be as active as I am. GOOD PEOPLE. Become a volunteer.

  199. I voted for Memorial Hermann life flight. I worked for the system and they have been good to me, emotionally and spiritually.

  200. Nannette Palmones says:

    Go go go! Down syndrome Association of Houston! Happy 40th year anniversary!

  201. Al Bokolor says:

    Folks, where is the ACTUAL link to vote please?

  202. Kotch M Marsh says:

    All of these are great and worthy charities. Support your personal choices with donations or by volunteering.Teamwork really comes back to the actions of each individual. I am glad that there are organizations like these supported by individuals that want to and are making their community better.

  203. Antoinette Rincon-Chorba says:

    Every cause is important and there are two that are close to my heart: #1 is Alzheimer’s because of my mom and the #2 is Breast Cancer because of my sister-in-law. I will help both out as much as I can.

  204. Carol Maginn says:

    Go Pink Ribbons!

  205. Ana Arizmendi says:

    I used to be a court appointed child advocate a voice for a child goes a long way.

  206. There are many deserving agencies on this list. I wish I could vote for all of them but I am partial to CAP. My best buddy came from there and I’m grateful that they were there for him when his original owner put him up for adoption.

  207. Rita says:

    All are very worthy charities but CAP gets my vote. They help abused and abandoned animals every day. These animals would not have a chance at life or be able to enrich a human’s life, had they not been brought to CAP. CAP has 5 star rating on Charity Navigator.

  208. Bill Egan says:

    One of the best organizations ever to help Veterans reintegrate back into their society through physical and social activity. We help all vets, injured or not and from any era. Civilians can also be part of Team RWB, we charge no membership dues and there are no donation requirements. We give the most precious gift of all, TIME!!! IT’S OUR TURN!

  209. Susan Tencer says:

    I voted for Ronald McDonald House because it provides a home away from home for families and their children healing from severe illness.

  210. Rachyl Alaniz says:

    I voted for Elves&More as it helps support children to achieve great things in the future. We give bikes to needy kids who sign contracts with their teachers to improve their reading level

  211. RT says:

    With the continuing economic crisis in America and with Congress continuing to punish the working poor, now more than ever it’s important to support the Houston Food Bank.

  212. Eric says:

    Vote for the Houston Food Bank – while the missions of all of these charity organizations are laudable, there is nothing more wide-reaching and impactful than nourishing the needy. Poor diet while pregnant and undernourishment as a child results in physical and mental handicaps, leading to antisocial behavior and a failure to achieve what we all wish for. All charity is good; this charity is better.

  213. Vanessa’s Big Heart Foundation for favorite Chevron Houston Marathon for a Reason charity? This VERY SPECIAL family honors their sweet Vanessa, who is an Angel now, with this foundation they set up after she went to heaven.

  214. ToniB says:

    Good luck

  215. Joel says:

    Go Kevin, Jim and Derek, along with all of the other runners !! Go Team SNOWDROP !!

  216. Docia Craft says:

    Marathon Kids has been keeping it incrementally healthy for about 18 years in the ATX area and now transcontinentally. The uber inclusivity of the program has inspired an entire generation to take the critical first steps to sustainable lifestyle enhancements. That’s beyond impressive to those of us who have been at the starting line as parents and advocates. Long may they run!

  217. Ameara El Alaoui says:

    Amani’s Dream Team voted The Sunshine Kids!

  218. MJM says:

    So many children worldwide without clean water leaving them susceptible to disease and death. My prayerful vote is fro LIVING WATER INTERNATIONAL!!

    Every child deserves clean living water to drink! :-) )))

  219. Sandy says:

    Go to and see where the money would go, then let your heart vote Snowdrop too!

  220. Betty Glona says:

    Ronald McDonald House is really great. I was just there last month with our Rodeo committee entertaining a few of the kids and the parents. It’s bad enough when your children are sick but its great that we have this kind of a place to help ALL the family out.

  221. catherine Zug says:

    I live in France and support your organisation because one of my best friend who lives near Houston has a brest cancer since 12 years. I so love her that your organisation is very important for a lot of people.

  222. melissa says:

    Citizens for animal protection!

  223. ndamukunda says:

    I can vote the living water international because they make significance impact in the life of people and all of us we know that clean water is very important in the life of human being and this project can bring the change in the different nations of this world thanks.

  224. Susan Snider says:

    I voted for Elves & More which started as a holiday program, but is now a literacy program. Kids make contracts with their teachers to improve their reading levels and other grades, and if they meet their goal they receive a bike and helmet (built and delivered by an elf in December). Kids that can read can learn and have opportunities to succeed. Check out the reading levels of those in our prison systems…there is a correlation. In order to break the cycle, we must start with the very young.

  225. Heather says:

    The Ronald McDonald House is such a great organization that I have been able to be a part of since I was 8 years old. Help support them in any way that you can, even if its by just going an volunteering. Being around the kids and their families brings so much joy when you can help them in just a small way.

  226. Kathy Tucker says:

    Hear my personal quote!! If there is a “cure” for cystic fibrosis this very “moment” and this very “moment” is NOT soon enough, you’d hear this twins mom “ACROSS AMERICA” YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! GO GULF COAST CFF ORG!!

  227. Donna says:

    All of these organizations are so worthy!! My heart is with the DSAH, though.

  228. Latice Gaines says:

    Please vote for the Houston Food Bank! After doing some volunteer work with them I was able to see how many nutritious meals that were being prepared for those who couldn’t afford meals on a daily basis. They also process food orders for the less fortunate as well at their warehouse. At a time when so many (children&seniors esp.) need help to survive, this organization comes through for so many in our city.

  229. Lauren says:


  230. Dana says:

    Make a Wish Foundation

  231. Mary Basham says:

    This is a condition which has the chance for cutting edge technology be used to treat and possibly reduce or stop seizures. Please vote as a treatment/cure is just around the corner.
    Thank you.

  232. When the unthinkable happens and your child needs critical medical attention due to an accident or debilitating disease, every parent wants to seek the best medical treatment possible. Often times, the logistics of where to sleep, where to eat, even where to park the car can make the simple necessity of staying by your child’s side nearly impossible. Especially for families that have traveled across the country to seek treatment in the world renowned Texas Medical Center and who are already struggling to pay mounting medical bills. The Ronald McDonald House Houston is truly a lifesaver, providing housing and support for little to no cost.
    These marathon donations go directly to support the operating costs of all the Houston facilities (Holcombe House, Memorial Hermann, MD Anderson and Texas Children’s Hospital Houses) and allow RMH Houston to continue to offer a home away from home providing care, compassion and hope to families with seriously ill children.

  233. Angie Lane says:

    Ronald McDonald House Houston provides a home away from home to families who otherwise would have to stay at bedside or in waiting areas. We are more than just shelter we are an ear on lonely nights, support from families facing similar circumstances, and unending compassion. VOTE FOR RMHH

  234. Kimberlyn says:

    Ronald McDonald House Houston provides families with pediatric patients seeking care in the Texas Medical Center a ‘home away from home’. What better reason to vote for this organization is there!!

  235. Ruth Simmons says:

    Dress for Success has my vote — it definitely changes lives for the better!!

  236. June says:

    I couldn’t agree more with everything Leslie above has said about CAP’s. Until this past November I was not aware of this organization. A friend told me about CAPS’ after they knew I had lost 2 of my pets this past year to illness due to their older age. I went to the organization to just look, but I fell in love with a sweet little puppy that was only a month old. I had to have her. I took her home 2 days later & felt so confident she was very healthy. She has been such a joy to my home. This organization takes great care in placing the unwanted pets they receive with compassionate and loving families.

  237. Linda Jones says:

    All of these organizations are in great need of our support. I have a heart connection with CFF.

  238. Linda Jones says:

    CFF is close to my heart

  239. Darcy Creech says:

    NOTHING is as dire as solving the world contaminated drinking water crisis. 5000 children die EVERY DAY from water borne diseases. I vote for LIVING WATER INTERNATIONAL and the amazing work they are doing worldwide to provide access to clean drinking water. Can you imagine YOUR life without it?

  240. Lauen Rice says:

    Please vote for Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy!! The $50,000 will go to research to find a cure for boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which my sweet youngest brother has. It will make a big impact!!

  241. Colleen says:

    Ronald McDonald House Houston provides a “home away from home” for families with seriously ill children. Having a place to stay with your family helps during a difficult time.

  242. Leigh Talluto says:

    No more ALS!

  243. janie dale says:

    Vanessas Big Heart Foundation!

  244. Shelby Kibodeaux says:

    CAP is SO deserving!

  245. Jeff D. says:

    Dress for Success does a fantastic job! I donate to them frequently.

  246. Cletus Davis says:

    I vote for the Living Water Foundation. They drill water wells for the poor in Uganda. They can use the money to help more people than anyone else. Please vote for the Living Water Foundation.

  247. There are important needs all over the world, but when I look at the plight of people in developing countries without safe water and stuck in the most desperate poverty, I must support LIVING WATER INTERNATIONAL who is making such a difference in 23 countries.


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