Olympic Trials In The News

The Latest Buzz On The 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials

USA Today: U.S. Men Will Need Speed For Olympic Medal (Jan. 16th)

Universal Sports: Ritzenhein Plans To Head Back To The Track (Jan. 16th)

Cedarville University: CU Grads Finish in Top 25 (Jan. 16th)

NY Times: Pain-Filled Comeback As Keflezighi Wins (Jan. 15th)

Bonnie Ford: Trials Yield Best U.S. Olympic Team Yet (Jan. 15th)

Jo-Ann Barnas: Keflezighi Keeps Memory of Ryan Shay In His Heart (Jan. 15th)

Detroit Free Press: Desi Davila a Made-in-Detroit Distance Runner (Jan. 15th)

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Brett Gotcher 5th at Olympic Trials (Jan. 15th)

Centre Daily Times: Rebecca Donaghue 17th in Debut (Jan. 15th)

Mail-Tribune (Medford, OR): Max King Sets PR (Jan. 15th)

RW Online: 4th Place is Heartbreaking for Amy Hastings, But Not the End (Jan. 14th)

Washington Post: It Was All Business Up Front for Six Who Make the Team (Jan. 14th)

LA Times: Keflezighi a Surprise Winner, Except to Coach (Jan. 14th)

AP: Keflezighi, Flanagan Win U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials (Jan. 14th)

InForum: Andrew Carlson is 6th in Debut (Jan. 14th)

Universal Sports: U.S. Men’s Marathoners Prove Achieving Is All In Believing (Jan. 14th)

Washington Post: Desiree Davila Seeks to Validate Boston Performance (Jan. 13th)

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Katie McGregor Comfortable in Her Shoes (Jan. 13th)

RW Online: A Brief Chat With Abdi Abdirahman (Jan. 13th)

Competitor.com: Q and A with Janet Cherobon-Bawcom (Jan. 13th)

NY Times: Deena Kastor Sees Trials as New Start (Jan. 13th)

Eugene Register-Guard: Stephanie Rothstein Ready for Her Olympic Close-Up (Jan. 13th)

San Diego Union Tribune: Meb’s Coach Says Third Will Be Cause for Celebration (Jan. 13th)

Modesto Bee: Long Road Back for Miguel Nuci (Jan. 13th)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: It Took 4 Tries, But Megan Skeels Got Qualifier (Jan. 13th)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Local Runners Have Modest Goals in Trials (Jan. 13th)

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Brett Gotcher Just 26.2 Miles from Olympics (Jan. 13th)

RW: Alberto Salazar Says Ritz Ready for Great Race

Detroit Free Press: Desiree Davila Poised to Make the Team (Jan. 12th)

Phil Hersh Ranks His Top 10 American Women Marathoners in History (Jan. 12th)

LetsRun: Women’s Preview (Jan. 12th)

LetsRun: 10 Longshots for Men’s Team (Jan. 12th)

Des Moines Register: Matt Gabrielson is Feeling Great (Jan. 12th)

Kitsap Sun: Drew Polley Looking for Breakthrough (Jan. 12th)

San Jose Mercury News: Ryan Hall Joins Faith-Based Church for Guidance (Jan. 12th)

Competitor.com: Great Weather Expected on Saturday (Jan. 11th)

LetsRun: Men’s Preview (Jan. 11th)

Arizona Republic: Ryan Hall Has Enjoyed Transition to Flagstaff (Jan. 11th)

Lincoln Journal-Star: Mike Morgan, Bridget Easley Headed to Trials (Jan. 11th)

The Herald, Monterey County: Blake Russell’s Blog (Jan. 11th)

USA Today: Ryan Hall Relies on Faith in Olympic Quest (Jan. 11th)

Running Times: Tim Nelson, Tera Moody Scratch form Trials (Jan. 11th)

Janet Cherobon-Bawcom’s Blog: How Things Have Changed  (Jan. 11th)

Des Moines Register: Former Drake Standouts Lemkuhle, Gabrielson Set for Trials (Jan. 11th)

SUNY Cortland Alum Runs for the Passion, Not the Money (Jan. 11th)

WSJ: For Some Running the Trials, Just Being There is Enough (Jan. 11th)

Running Times: Looking Back at the 1984 Men’s Marathon Trials

Arizona Daily Star: AZ Native American Star to Make Marathon Debut at Trials (Jan. 11th)

Spokesman-Review: 2 Spokane Women Endured Long Road to Trials (Jan. 11th)

Houston Chronicle: Weather Helps Course for Trials Marathon (Jan. 10th)

Stephanie Rothstein’s Blog: Finding the Balance (Jan. 10th)

RunBlogRun: Kara Goucher Hungry Like a Wolf (Jan. 10th)

Arizona Daily Star: Adbi Looking for 4th Olympic Berth (Jan. 10th)

Running Times: 5 Minutes with Meghan Armstrong Peyton (Jan. 10th)

Des Moines Register: Michelle Frey Targets a PR (Jan. 10th)

Fort Wayne News-Sentinel: Alissa McKaig On Way to Her First Trials (Jan. 10th)

ESPNw: Late Start Can’t Slow Spokane’s Victoria Russell (Jan. 9th)

Race Organizers See Marathon As a Giant Texans Pep Rally (Jan. 9th)

Mike Sandrock: Colleen de Reuck Still Going Strong at 47 (Jan. 9th)

Toni Reavis: Women’s Team Could Yield Medal Threats (Jan. 9th)

Phil Hersh Ranks His Top 10 U.S. Male Marathoners in History (Jan. 9th)

Des Moines Register: Robyn Friedman Rebounds from Surgery (Jan. 9th)

Oregonian: Rupp Says He Will Withdraw from Trials (Jan 8th)

Stephan Shay’s Blog: Honoring Ryan the Best Way Possible (Jan 8th)

Staten Island Advance: Mike Cassidy Qualified By Just Eight Seconds (Jan 8th)

Gwen Knapp: 47-Year-Old Ready for 5th Trials (Jan 8th)

Des Moines Register: Josh Moen Takes One Last Stab at Marathon (Jan 8th)

Marin Independent Journal: 4 Marin Women Set Sights on Saturday (Jan. 8th)

Charlotte Observer: 2 Charlotte Women Ready for the Race (Jan. 8th)

Runner’s World Experts Pick the Top 3 (Jan. 7th)

Ryan Hall’s Blog: One Week Away (Jan. 7th)

Wilmington StarNewsOnline: Qualifer Ran First Marathon Just Two Years Ago (Jan. 7th)

ACN Newspapers: Texan Scott MacPherson Ready to Run (Jan. 7th)

Runner’s World Q and A: Mark Conover and Jenny Spangler (Jan. 6th)

Des Moines Register: Ashley Tollackson Feels No Pressure (Jan. 6th)

RW Brief Chat: Erin O’Mara (Jan. 5th)

Brent Vaughn’s Blog: Nothing Exists But the Trials (Jan. 5th)

Des Moines Register: Jason Flogel Is In the Pool (Jan. 5th)

Molly Pritz’s Blog: It’s Worth the Bumps Along the Way (Jan. 4th)

RunColo.com: Tommy Neal Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes A Month Before Trials (Jan. 3rd)

RW Brief Chat: Nick Arciniaga (Jan. 2nd)

Matt Gabrielson’s Blog: I Miss Antonio Vega (Jan. 2nd)

Running Times: Don’t Overlook Dot McMahan (December issue)

Runner’s World: Desiree Davila, She Can Do It! (January issue)

RW Brief Chat: Coach Greg McMillan (Dec. 19th)

Running Times: 5 Minutes With Clint Verran

SacBee: Tim Tollefson Qualifies; Joins Fiancee in Trials (Dec. 5th)

Universal Sports: Sean Houseworth Stuns Field at Las Vegas Half Marathon (Dec. 5th)

ESPNw: Stephanie Rothstein is Running Free (May 20th)