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Life Happens

By Ambassador Bryan Kreitz Yes, that’s my clean way of saying another common expression, but I believe it also conveys a greater sense of the expression. When people utter $@!& happens, it implies that there is a negative issue at hand and we just need to grin and bare it, but when life happens, there are many beautiful things that can come with that. Marriage, babies, new homes, new jobs, new locations, vacations,etc.. can be life ...


Race Experience Spotlight: Start Line

The best advice we can give you is get to the start line early. With four corrals, knowing where you are going on race morning and getting there early will help you have a stress-free start. Head to the start line at least 30 minutes before your corral gate closes. A Corral gate closes at 6:40 a.m., B Corral gate closes at 6:50 a.m. and C Corral gate closes at 7 a.m.  Gate closure times will be strictly enforced, so give yourself plenty of time ...


Morehead named Executive Director of the Houston Marathon Foundation

AUGUST 27, 2014 - On behalf of the Houston Marathon Foundation (HMF), the Houston Marathon Committee (HMC) announced today that Executive Director Wade Morehead will also assume the duties of Executive Director for the Foundation. In addition to this announcement, the HMF is getting a new look by changing its logo to include the iconic star footprint associated with the Houston Marathon Committee since its inception. "Both the HMC and HMF ...

Recent Headlines

What’s Your Reason to Run?


By Ambassador Lindsay McClelland Everyone has a reason to run. For some it’s exercise, for others it’s competition. There’s no right or wrong reason to ...

Elite Prize Purse Announced for 2015 Chevron Houston Marathon Race Weekend

2014 Houston Marathon Weekend

HOUSTON (September 3, 2014) - The Houston Marathon Committee (HMC) announced on Wednesday the elite prize purse for the 2015 Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco ...

Latest Runner Profiles


Meet Sarah Pepper

Hot 95.7 DJ and Aramco Houston Half Marathon Ambassador Sarah Pepper has been a runner for most of her life. Starting in grade school and continuing all the way up through her senior year of high school, Pepper ran cross country with her brother. But after graduating, and with no team to run with, her running faded ...


Announcing the 2014 Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half Marathon Ambassador Team!

We’ve narrowed the impressive applicant pool down to 10. These runners will inspire and support you as we prepare for the 2014 Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half Marathon. The 2014 Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half Marathon Ambassadors! Emilia Benton –  Run for your ...


Merima Mohammed

Twenty-year-old Merima Mohammed of Ethiopia overcame leg problems and cold, wet conditions to run the second-fastest ever women’s race at the 2013 Chevron Houston Marathon. Mohammed ran the first half of the race with Buzunesh Deba (ETH) and Meskerem Assefa (ETH) and that pack stayed together through 33km, when ...